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Why I'm Running

New Mexico is an amazing state unparalleled in beauty, climate, art, cuisine, lifestyle, natural resources AND its citizens. I believe New Mexicans are reasonable and most can agree on what is important for our communities to thrive: respect for life, public safety, opportunity for education, a fair tax system, economic growth, and equal opportunity.  

I am running for New Mexico State Senate District 12 because something is not right. With New Mexico’s inherent resources, combined with the majority of citizen’s collective desire to thrive, it is beyond concerning as to why New Mexico is not prospering and flourishing. Study after study confirms the same thing across all sectors: New Mexico is a train wreck. Measured across social, cultural, economic, or educational sectors, our State consistently lands at the bottom of every good list and at the top of every bad list. We can do better and we will!

It’s time for new thinking, new vision, new principles, and new resolve. New Mexico is gasping for air. New life and breath need to be pumped back into our State so that its very soul, its virtue, and freedoms are revived. The citizens of New Mexico deserve to thrive. By running for New Mexico State Senate District 12 I plan to be a part of that which will breathe LIFE into our great State again!


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