New Mexico has recently been rated as the worst state public school system in the country. The New Mexico Coalition for Literacy estimates 46% of adults in the state are functional illiterates. 

High Schools in District 12, according to

  • Valley High School scored 3/10; 67% graduation rate.
  • Albuquerque High School scored 5/10; 70% graduation rate. 
  • Rio Grande Valley scored 4/10; 66% graduation rate. 

According to the census bureau the Albuquerque School System spends $9,693 per pupil per year. Attendance in the Public School system is experiencing significant decline. Families should be able to choose where they want their tax dollars spent in order for their children to obtain a quality education, free from progressive liberal agendas. 

Public Education


Senate District 12 has amazing potential for growth. Investors have done much to restore and renew historic Route 66 along the Central downtown corridor. However, efforts have a blight over them because of the crime epidemic. It has to stop if District 12 has any hope of continuing to attract investment, culture, and vibrancy.

Incumbent Senator of District 12, Gerald Ortiz y Pino, does not seem to think there is a problem.

“We haven’t changed poverty much, we haven’t changed drug abuse much, so I’m not sure what is causing the perception that there’s been an increase in crime.” 

Ortiz y Pino represents the 12th District, where 18 of Albuquerque’s homicides occurred in 2019. That’s more than any other district in the city. What has Gerald Ortiz y Pino done to address the problem? Not much except to deny there is even a problem.

In Janurary, 2020 a man was shot and killed in front of the Kimo Theater. The Kimo is walking distance from my home. The killing has got to stop.

Pro Life

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

I want all women and men to know the experience of being more blessed if they chose to give LIFE to their unborn rather than take it away. 

Albuquerque is known as the late-term abortion capitol of our nation. Located in District 12, Curtis Boyd’s abortion clinic performs abortion up until nine months of pregnancy. We must not continue killing children who are our most precious resource. By allowing this practice to continue we rob ourselves and one another of the blessing of LIFE.

Taxes & Economy

New Mexico has a significantly higher state tax rate than surrounding states. In addition, the automatic 3% annual increase in property taxes is forcing people to move as home values and wages do not rise commensurate with the increase. As a practicing Real Estate Broker, I have witnessed the reality of this property tax burden first hand. Also, New Mexico is ranked 49th for worst use of taxpayer money.

New Mexico ranks among the worst in business tax climate index for new business. New Mexico is swimming in tax revenues and has a large budget surplus. Despite the surplus in revenue, New Mexico has one of the worst job markets in the country. It has the fourth highest unemployment rate of any state. New Mexico has 47% more public sector workers than the national average. New Mexico is more dependent on federal spending than any other state.

New Mexico is considered to be the third poorest state in the nation. Despite the enormous amount of federal spending 39% of the population is on Medicaid and 11% of people receive SNAP benefits.

Gasoline Tax
Social Security

Protection for Animals

  • Free spay/neuter for all New Mexico’s cats and dogs
  • Secure adequate funding for horse care through the NM Livestock Board 
  • Create penalties for knowingly buying or selling endangered wildlife 

Rights & Liberty

For the betterment of New Mexico, the rights I believe in and am willing to fight for are:

  • Right to free speech
  • Right to bear arms
  • Right to LIFE
  • Right to liberty
  • Right to the pursuit of happiness

The recent passage of the “Red Flag” law is an example of how New Mexican’s rights are under assault. How this law is supposed to address our State’s crime problem is nonsensical to me. I am a proud Navy mom who believes in the right to bear arms and the right to defend ourselves against enemies both foreign and domestic. 


Living downtown I see the numerous homeless people pushing grocery carts filled with their belongings on a daily basis. On the neighborhood app “Nextdoor” there are frequent posts from neighbors who report individuals sleeping on porches, driveways and back alleyways. District 12 has numerous neighborhood parks but unfortunately, I have witnessed that several of the parks are littered with debris such as dangerous needles that make it impossible for those parks to be enjoyed by all.

Living outdoors, standing on corners, sleeping under overpasses is not safe for those individuals or for District 12 residents. People like Steve, pictured below, said he cannot go to the shelters for fear he may be harmed. He does not feel it is a safe option for him and therefore makes his way on the streets.

steve and lisa talk

All people, no matter what their station in life, deserve dignity, respect and a safe place to sleep. We can do better.

For those who are willing to receive help we need to:

  • Address the mental health of those struggling, especially the homeless. It is urgent and necessary. 
  • Secure safe and secure housing for those who have no home.

Voter ID