Meet Lisa

lisa and husband

I am passionate. Passionate about people, passionate about values, and passionate about the future of New Mexico. For the last six years I have been a multi-million-dollar producer in the Real Estate industry. After moving to New Mexico in 1984, I graduated from UNM in 1989 with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Human Services. After graduating, I became the Director of Care Net Pregnancy Center. In 1992, my husband Ron who works at Sandia National Labs, was transferred to Washington DC for a temporary assignment. I had the distinct honor of working on Capitol Hill for Senator Pete Domenici as Assistant to Pete’s Chief of Staff.

While in Washington, our lives veered in a different direction. Ron and I took an eight-year break from our jobs and went back to school to pursue master degrees in Linguistics. We moved to Pakistan where we started a mother-tongue literacy project among a remote indigenous people group. Unfortunately, 9/11 brought an abrupt halt to our successful efforts and we returned to New Mexico. 

While in Pakistan, three of our four children were born. I was a home school educator until the kids reached high school. All of our children are currently putting themselves through college, all pursuing service-oriented degrees.

My greatest accomplishment has been my marriage to Ron of 35 years and raising our four incredible children. I believe women can have it all, but for me, just not all at the same time. Now that the children have left home, I have decided that running for New Mexico State Senate District 12 is the next step. 

Incumbent Senator for District 12, Democrat Gerald Oritz y Pino, was elected in 2004 and has run unopposed since 2008. Given the current state of New Mexico, and the decline of Downtown and surrounding areas, it is time for a change and an infusion of hope. My plan is to bring both to New Mexico in November 2020. 

Husband Ron's Perspective